Seminar Preparation

Each participant will bring two very brief (1 page max) “papers” to the seminar for discussion.  Upon registering for the seminar, participants will receive a more detailed event prep list.  Here are the core tasks…

  • 1) bring a written paragraph about a classroom innovation from your teaching
  • 2) a specific problem encountered while teaching.

Seminar staff will lead sessions centered around the special interests and problems of each group.  The North Carolina Great Teachers Seminar is an energizing & refreshing event that brings teachers from diverse teaching fields together to explore teaching and learning innovations and solutions to problems encountered in the classroom. The NCGTS is open to all full-time, part-time, and adjunct faculty in both curriculum and continuing education in the community college system. Faculty from other educational systems are also welcome.

Please also bring – ANY single Teaching Device or Strategy, NATD (non-astounding teaching device), homemade or commercial, subject-oriented or universally applicable, which has enhanced your teaching effectiveness. Bring and/or be prepared to share anything from your “bag of teaching tricks”. This doesn’t have to be a physical “thing,” but can be sharing an activity or idea that has made teaching more effective for you and is a “little thing” that works in your classroom. Presentation time of this device or strategy is limited to 1 – 3 minutes.


One copy of a book relating to teaching which you have found helpful or inspiring. Your selection will become part of a Browsing Library at the Seminar that will be available for all participants during the seminar. At the conclusion of the seminar, participants take home the book they brought.


A 3-Ring Notebook (optional); you could also use a folder or simply clip them together)